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The Most Versatile Phone Accessory for Hands-Free Recording and Binge Watching.

Flipstik allows you to stick your phone to virtually any flat surface -Giving you an extra hand.

Now binge watch shows, do a Tiktok dance, or take selfies...Hands-Free.

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Easily Take Selfies, Film Tiktok's & Reels, and Go Live.

Ditch the bulky tripod. Stop propping your phone up on the counter. No more asking strangers to hold your phone for photos.

Now you can use your windows natural lighting. Film Tiktok dances wherever you go.

Gym rat? Film your fitness with ease.

Hands-Free Binge Watching on the Plane and in the Car.

Stick your phone to the airplane headrest. Stick your child's tablet to the back of your carseat headrest.

Like getting wet? Stick your phone to the shower tile or glass.

Watch those cooking tutorials hands-free as you prep the ingredients. 

MagSafe compatible with our MagStik Adapter

MagStik allows you to easily pop on and remove your Flipstik.

We are sourcing the strongest magnets on the market to ensure a strong hold that will never fail.

Multiple Hands-Free Modes
Lasts for thousands of stiks!

Our patented Synthetic Setae™ Adhesive was developed by NASA to mimic a gecko's feet and made to be washable, reusable, and last for thousands of sticks. 

Use a Flipstik Lick, alcohol wipe, or damp rag to clean the adhesive.

Never miss another moment.

Quit doing the balancing act, using a bulky tripod, or asking a stranger to take a photo.

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We’re launching soon. Get an exclusive discount by signing up now!

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